White LED Christmas Light Stran

  • Manufactured by: Creative Reproductions 2 Scale


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This light string comes in all pure white LED's The LED's are spaced approximately 1.25 inches apart and the total string of 30 Nano Chip size LED's is a full 42 inches long. Each individual LED is connected with green magnet wire making them very flexible and easy to conceal and work with. Because they use the extremely small LED's they will last well over 30,000 hours of continuous use. This light string will operate on the 12 volts, either AC or DC, of your dollhouse system or with a 9 volt battery. As with any LED, they work best with a DC power source. These light strings also have 5 modes that can be switched by touching a small button. The five modes are: Steady ON; Slow Chase; Fast Chase; Flashing; and a rotate through the four different modes on a 10 second cycle.

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