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Like any miniaturist, I have several projects happening at once.  I jump around between projects frequently!  My blog covers all my "works in progress"...

My Dream: The Victorian Mansion

 My VisionA project I've been working on sporadically since my teenage years. Using a Majestic Mansion "Darlington" dollhouse kit, I have been putting an addition onto this house (a rough idea of my vision is in photo at right).


So far: lighting is connected to a remote control...and the two-story library turned out fantastic!  And the guest room is finished, however flooring could not be installed until the doorways were all cut to the proper size opening.  Lady's bedroom suite (including sitting room and bathroom) are almost complete. But I can't go any further until I finish the exterior blocking so I can install the coach lights (wiring for this goes thru foyer and center section of mansion).




The New York City Roombox

Started as a gift for a friend and grew.  The unfinished version of this roombox is offered for sale at Happily Ever After.

 Unfinished Box for sale

The New York City Roombox is a four-sided box to create shop window scenes in.

One side of box

Stop by the blog and see what else I am working on now!

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